Lucky Bay Port Project

Established in 2018, ICAM Duxton Port Infrastructure Trust (IDPIT) is situated at Lucky Bay, marking a significant shift from a Greenfields project to a fully operational infrastructure asset. It encompasses South Australia’s first export port facility in over 50 years, along with the associated operating entity, T-Ports.

Gross Asset Value
$ 0 M

(As at 30 June 2023)

0 %

(Average over 5 years subject to future port capacity)

0 %

(Average over 5 years subject to future port capacity)

The ICAM Duxton Port Infrastructure Trust is an innovative shallow-water port infrastructure vehicle. The investment includes the specialist bulk commodity exporting facility and incorporates a transhipment vessel, a transhipping terminal, on port and upcountry grain storage and handling facilities at Lucky Bay on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.

Investment Highlights

Innovates upon the traditional port model by bringing the ‘port to the product’
Utilises a state-of-the art, shallow draft transhipment vessel (TSV)
Grain storage capacity in excess of 500,000 tonnes
Long-term yields with the potential for capital growth
Expansion opportunities through fertiliser imports and operation of future shallow-water ports
Long term incentive scheme with grain growers