Gross Asset Value


(As at 30 June 2023)

Target Income Yield


(Average over 5 years)

Target Internal Rate of Return


(Average over 5 years)

The ICAM Diversified Industrial Fund (“IDIF”) is an open-ended fund which strives toward a goal of offering stable returns to investors through access to a diversified portfolio of industrial assets.

Established in April 2022, the Fund will actively manage a growing portfolio of industrial assets to derive the maximum value to investors, including upgrade and development initiatives of assets where the risk adjusted returns are complementary to the Fund.

The Fund was created to capitalise on the strong projected demand and undersupply of industrial property across Australia. The Fund is targeting distribution, storage, manufacturing, and logistics facilities with superlative tenant covenants as well as build-to-suit fund throughs or take outs.

The Fund currently has four industrial assets in South Australia and Victoria with a strong pipeline of future acquisitions. ICAM intends to leverage its extensive network to unlock off-market opportunities and build a fund size of $350M-$500M with 20-30 assets across Australia.

Investment Highlights

  • The IDIF is an open-ended Fund, providing the opportunity for investors to increase their holdings as the Fund acquires more assets, with semi-annual equity raises expected to occur.
  • Diversification of assets and income streams allows a robust return to investors with a low risk profile, with ICAM currently possessing a diverse pipeline of potential acquisitions.
  • The Fund’s current assets are strategically located in tightly held industrial submarkets with strong tenant covenants.
  • The Fund will be targeting annual distributions of 6-7%, paid monthly to investors.
  • An IRR of 9%+, with the potential for value-add management initiatives expected to increase investor returns.

This Fund is Open for Investment