The ICAM ACIF Wallaroo Trust is developing a specialist multi-commodity import and export facility in Wallaroo, South Australia. The development is the natural extension to the Lucky Bay Port on the Eyre Peninsula.

The investment in transhipping and logistics infrastructure includes the Wallaroo Port Facility that is strategically located in the Yorke Peninsula grain catchment zone, port storage silos with capacity for 32,000 tonnes of grain, and upcountry bunker storage with capacity for 260,000 tonnes of grain.

The investment has a target cash yield of 6.5% – 14.0% per annum after tax (plus franking credits) and target IRR of 16% – 35%.

Investment highlights

  • Innovates upon the traditional port model by bringing the ‘port to the product’
  • Utilises a state-of-the art, shallow draft transhipment vessel (TSV)
  • Grain storage capacity of circa 300,000 tonnes
  • Long-term yields with the potential for capital growth
  • Expansion opportunities through alternative commodities